Dive Olly Dive!

52 x 12 minute 3D animation

In each episode of Dive Olly Dive! we follow the grand adventures of a young, un-manned, anthropomorphic research-submarine-in-training named Olly and his best friend and fellow sub-in-training Beth.  Under the guidance of their enthusiastic teacher and mentor Diver Doug, Olly and Beth are being trained to become full-fledged research submarines one day.

But right now, they still have a lot to learn.

These young subs are eager and sometimes even brash when it comes to exploring their world.  They rush full steam into their adventures – and sometimes their enthusiasm causes them to momentarily forget the warnings from Doug about things like strong tides – or the cold, dark depths of The Deep Trench – or the importance of staying together and supporting each other.

What we love most about Olly and his friends is that they are curious, intelligent, have big hearts and love and respect the environment in which they live.

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