Flying Bark Productions is always looking for the next generation.
If you fit the job brief/s below please send an email with your speciality in the header to and include a showreel with examples of your work. We look forward to hearing from you!

Layout Artists

We have a number of roles on both animated feature films and TV series for Layout Artists of all levels. We have roles starting in July and November so if you meet the criteria below, please send us your application! Ideally you’ll provide a showreel with a breakdown of your shots, then we can easily see how ace you are!

Your key responsibilities as a Layout Artist include....

  • Creating a 3D version of the 2D story reel according to the vision of the Director and under the guidance of the Layout Supervisor;
  • Working with the Layout Supervisor, Layout crew and Director, often over the shoulder, to fine-tune camera character blocking and shot timings;
  • Participate in on box shot production for final delivery as required;
  • Basic modelling and animation as required;
  • Set dressing environments per shot, using the storyboards and location designs for inspiration;
  • Compiling 3D edits of each scene or sequence, using the Maya sequencer
  • Work within the constraints of the pipeline, and provide feedback regarding efficiencies and improvements both creatively and technically;
  • Interpret a verbal or visual brief, flagging in advance any issues that may impact on successful timely delivery of material or shots to Production and the Supervising crew;
You’ll have the following skills….
  • At least 12 months Production experience;
  • Strong understanding of Maya and a willingness to learn;
  • Strong understanding of composition and narrative storytelling;
  • Solid understanding of layout concepts in a digital production environment;
  • Excellent communication skills and willingness to work in a team environment;
  • Ability to take direction and be flexible and responsive to change;
  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines;
  • Enthusiasm and passion for animation, cameras and cinematography.

VFX Supervisor

We’re currently seeking a VFX Supervisor to join our team in Sydney, Australia. We’re keen to hear from applicants who have a strong interest in CG animated features - either experienced VFX Supes, or senior Lighters looking to step into a VFX Supe role.

Apart from excellent communication skills, and working closely with the Director and Producer team to bring their vision to the screen, what’s really important to us is your excellent eye for lighting, design, camera, animation and storytelling!

This role commences early June through to Dec 2019, but has the potential to be a long term position rolling to other productions.

Position Overview

As VFX Supervisor you’re required to supervise, monitor, direct and influence the wide-ranging creative aspects of CG animated production. Supplying creative direction, you will be directly responsible for driving success across the production, and you’ll have a strong understanding of all disciplines within the VFX pipeline.

Your job is not only focused on overcoming technical and creative challenges, but ensuring everyone you’re working with understands how their role fits into the bigger picture and Director’s vision.

Your engaging management style will see you working with multiple stakeholders in and out of the Studio. You’ll be an expert communicator and can mobilise and inspire the crew you’re working with.

The strength of your creative eye, excellent communication, collaboration and leadership skills are highly regarded by the people you’ve worked with. You provide confidence to the production that you’re on top of your game, working professionally and to a deadline with your shot delivery.

You’ll be ace at...

  • working closely with the Director (and Producer) to bring their vision to the screen
  • undertaking creative and technical reviews of lighting and comp. Providing detailed
  • feedback to raise the production quality of the film to the highest possible level within the budget.
  • having an in-depth knowledge of CG pipeline, processes, software and other related technical aspects for film production. (Experience with Shotgun a must!)
  • superior team leadership skills including, diplomacy, solutions focused thinking, calm under pressure, excellent time management and conflict management skills
  • multi-disciplinary understanding derived from working within Effects, Lighting, Compositing and Asset Team
  • expressing yourself verbally and in written communications

2D ANIMATORS (Mid - Snr Level)

We are currently seeking experienced 2D Animators to join the team in creating Nickelodeon's Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. To be successful you will have:

  • Experience in creating frame by frame animation for television, feature film or online.
  • Excellent ability to create dynamic key poses while referencing a storyboard, with a drive to push the performance and energy in every scene.
  • Proven ability to create tight in-betweens that stay true to the show’s style.
  • Knowledge of current 2D animation techniques.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and follow guidance from creative and technical supervisors
  • Ability to maintain a consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work to quota.
  • Good knowledge of Toon Boom Harmony preferred, however assistance & training will be provided for Flash-centric animators on a case by case basis.

On application, please send a link to your show reel with a breakdown of what you did scene by scene.


Flying Bark Productions is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading producer of quality children’s animated entertainment, known for its premium quality film and television properties ranging from pre-school to young adult. We employ Australia’s top talents in animation, the visual arts, screen writing and composing to produce a diverse and enchanted range of feature films, television programs and new media products.

    We are currently looking for a Film Editor and Television Series Editor for two brand new projects! As Editor you will shape the narrative and visual structure of the Film. Working closely with the story team, you will use storyboard, dialogue and music to convey emotional, dramatic and comedic storytelling that enhance the Director's creative vision for the project.,/p>

    To be successful your skill set would include -!

    • Proven experience as an Editor for a feature film or television series;
    • Solid experience using Avid Media Composer 5.5 and 6.0;
    • Experience in animation editing for film or series a bonus;
    • Ability to work and contribute in a collaborative and creative team environment;
    • Passion for great storytelling.

    If this sounds like something you could sink your fangs into then please visit and help us create magic!

Storyboard Artists

Flying Bark Productions Sydney is currently seeking a team of talented Storyboard Artists to work on our feature films and TV series! We are looking to recruit Storyboard Artists immediately, and over the coming months as we have a number of productions in the wings. To be successful you will a proven track record in CG feature film or TV series production. You will not only function as a conventional storyboard artist but also contribute collaboratively to both story and sequence development with the director, translating their vision through your boards.

    Key skills for this role include:

      High professional standard of traditional arts-based skills including illustration; Excellent time management skills and an ability to work to deadlines; Ability to express, through drawing, action and its relation to the script; Desire and willingness to mentor junior staff; Comprehensive knowledge of cinematography and scene structuring; Superior eye for composition, staging and detail.

      Key Responsibilities of this role include:

    • Creation, completion and delivery of storyboards for the Film/s in accordance with the Production Company’s direction;
    • Participation in the story development, concept and brainstorming meetings for the Film/s as required by the Production Company;
    • Contribution, sharing of ideas, collaboration and open communication with all members of the team;
    • Ensure that all artwork meets the technical and creative requirements of the Film/s as directed by the Production Company;
    • Adhere to the publishing and filing process required by the Production Company to ensure clear, concise and methodical archiving of reference, material and all files;
    • Be able to draw boards, sketch out thumbnails and panels for feedback and reviews;
    • Work closely with the Production team/s to develop schedules and standards for the storyboarding teams when required;
    • Convey the essence of story line, scene structure, character emotion and create action and humour in alignment with the overall direction of the Program/s;
    • Solve story and structure problems and punch up scenes;
    • Develop character personality and dramatic/comedic action;
    • Work with Director/s to define staging, pacing and camera action;
    • Incorporate Director/s notes;
    • Create quick thumbnail sketches through to finished detailed storyboard panels as required;
    • Maintain strong communication with all team members;
    • Flag any issues that may impact the successful, on time and on budget, delivery of storyboards as soon as any concerns become apparent;
    • Ensure continuity and consistency across the storyboards including with respect to size of assets, locations of characters and camera;
    • Help with the casting of sequences as required.

Production Coordinators and Production Managers wanted!

We are currently seeking production crew to join the team in various projects across all disciplines of CG Animation Production such as Edit, Story, Assets, Layout, Animation, FX, Lighting & Comp. Considered applications will have:

  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines;
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and willingness to share information in a team environment;
  • Excellent organisational skills;
  • Extensive experience with the use of production tracking softwares;
  • Flexibility and ability to be responsive to change;
  • Ability to flag issues that may impact on the successful delivery of Program/s;
  • Ability to deal with and resolve conflict with a capacity for suggesting well-reasoned solutions within an atmosphere of passionate and creative personalities;
  • Solid understanding and experience of animation in a production based environment.

Are you warm and fuzzy yet?

THESE QUOTES ARE 100% GENUINE, WE DON’T NEED A MARKETEER TO PAINT YOU A PRETTY PICTURE! Our dynamic studio is located in Camperdown, Sydney.  We house a full-service animation space, stereoscopic facilities, editing suites, art and design, story, animation, look development and experienced production departments. 

We're always looking for the next generation of award-winning talent to join us, so please check out our current vacancies BELOW or just send your CV, Showreel and your specialisation in an email header to:


What do I need to apply?

Send us an email to and attach your CV, Showreel and identify your area of expertise in the email Header. If your Showreel contains work where you’ve collaborated with other artists please note where you were directly responsible.

Will I get a response from my application?

Due to the large amount of applications we receive we will only contact you if we are progressing your application.

Will you keep my details handy?

Yes we keep track of applications and hopefully we can contact you again if there’s a role better suited to your experience.

Do you hire international artists?

From time to time we do however our preference is to support to local talent where possible. Often visa processing can take up to 2 months and the conditions around employing skilled overseas labour are quite strict, this can hinder our resourcing efforts.

Do you hire Interns?

Yes however we prefer only local students and we’re only able to offer Internships when the studio is not full tilt and we can ensure the best learning outcomes for our Interns.