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THESE QUOTES ARE 100% GENUINE, WE DON’T NEED A MARKETEER TO PAINT YOU A PRETTY PICTURE! Our dynamic studio is located in Camperdown, Sydney.  We house a full-service animation space, stereoscopic facilities, editing suites, art and design, story, animation, look development and experienced production departments. 

We're always looking for the next generation of award-winning talent to join us, so please check out our current vacancies BELOW or just send your CV, Showreel and your specialisation in an email header to:



Junior 3D Generalist - Expressions of Interest

We will be looking for a highly motivated junior to join the family at Flying Bark Productions, one of the leaders in Animated Children's film and television production in Australia. We need a great all rounder who is interested in creating and following through from inception to completion, with an emphasis on modelling, rigging and texturing.

Key Responsibilities:

  • have a decent understanding of characters, environments and props development
  • Basic knowledge of Maya, Photoshop & zBrush and willingness to learn new softwares as required;
  • Ability to take direction, both technically & creatively, from supervising crew;
  • Ability to identify & communicate problems as they arise, particularly if they are likely to impact on the successful delivery of required assets or material to a deadline;
  • Ability to work unassisted and relied upon to finish tasks in a timely manner
  • be aware of project/task shedules and be capable of delivering work to deadlines
  • Must have the right to work in Australia
  • Animators (Mid to Senior levels) with the right to work in Australia...We Want You!

    The Animation Lowdown...

    The Animator is responsible for bringing life to the characters of the film, with an emphasis on enchancing the story and audience connection with the characters and the narrative. Animators work to maintain the creative and technical requirements for the film as required by the Director/s and the production and shot schedule provided.

    Are you an experienced Animator (based in Australia) with the following skillset?

    • Good sense of narrative storytelling, comic timing and emotive visual language.
    • Experience with character animation including lip synch and key posing in a CG environment.
    • Have an excellent knowledge of Maya in a production based environment.
    • Solid knowledge of animation workflows, character rigs and storyboard interpretation
    • Ability to consistently meet deadlines (10 seconds of anim per week).
    • Fast problem solving and and implementation of solutions
    • You can deliver the Director's vision for the film and the characters are enhanced by your animation
    You'll have the following competencies:
    • Excellent communication skills
    • perfection orientation
    • Problem solving/solution finding ability
    • At least 2 years working within the animation industry post graduation

    CALLING ALL LAYOUT ARTISTS with the right to work in Australia!

    In this role you’ll be responsible for executing the cinematographic aspects of the CG film production for Maya the Bee 2. Working as a digital camera operator you’ll create compositions guided by the storyboards & Director’s vision to deliver a clear sense of action for the Animation, FX and Lighting teams.

    The Layout Lowdown...

    • Breaking down 2D storyboards into 3D shots
    • Staging every shot and plotting the action that will take place within each scene
    • Ensuring that everything to be animated is set up properly
    To be successful you'll have.....
    • Stax of passion for animation, cameras and cinematography!
    • A strong understanding of composition and narrative storytelling within a digital production environment
    • The ability to create continuity and flow between shots, consistency throughout the film
    • You’re brimming with artistic skills; a strong sense of composition and perspective, good use of light, shadow and colour
    • Sound understanding of editing
    • Strong technical skills (Maya) and a willingness to learn
    • Ability to take direction and also work with minimal supervision
    • Flexibility and responsiveness to change
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Great problem solving skills, proactively finding solutions!
    • Ability to meet deadlines, work calmly and efficiently under pressure
    • You’ll thrive in your team and contribute to the awesome culture at Flying Bark!



    What do I need to apply?

    Send us an email to and attach your CV, Showreel and identify your area of expertise in the email Header. If your Showreel contains work where you’ve collaborated with other artists please note where you were directly responsible.

    Will I get a response from my application?

    Due to the large amount of applications we receive we will only contact you if we are progressing your application.

    Will you keep my details handy?

    Yes we keep track of applications and hopefully we can contact you again if there’s a role better suited to your experience.

    Do you hire international artists?

    From time to time we do however our preference is to support to local talent where possible. Often visa processing can take up to 2 months and the conditions around employing skilled overseas labour are quite strict, this can hinder our resourcing efforts.

    Do you hire Interns?

    Yes however we prefer only local students and we’re only able to offer Internships when the studio is not full tilt and we can ensure the best learning outcomes for our Interns.