Based on the beloved children's book series by Barbara and Anna Fienberg

selling over a million copies in over 20 countries worldwide!

52 x 11 minute CG animation

When techno-genius Jack is bundled off to stay with his distant and daring cousin Tashi, nothing can prepare him for the wild adventures that Tashi has in store for him. With the aid of creature-whisperer Lotus Blossom, no volcano is too high, no giant too tall, and no dragon too fierce!

Giants, ghosts, witches, bandits, demons, dragons... Tashi, Jack and Lotus Blossom are ready for anything!

Tashi features a distinctive art style, full of diverse characters and creatures set against a rich 3D environment and vibrant 2D backdrop. The series target boys and girls 6 - 10 years old  and is due to air in Australia on Channel 7 in November 2014.

Tashi is a 52 x 11 minute animated series produced by Flying Bark Productions and distributed by Studio 100 Media.



2015 - Nominated for "Most Outstanding Children's Program" at the Logie Awards (Australia)

2015 - Nominated for "Best Children's Television Progoram" at the SPA Awards (Australia)

2015 - Nominated for "Tricks For Kids" category at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (Germany)

2015 - Nominated for "Best Animation Series" at the AEAF Awards (Australia)