The Studio

Flying Bark has been creating iconic animated children’s entertainment since 1968. With the international release of two animated feature films in the next 12 months and several television series about to launch, the Flying Bark star is still well and truly rising.    

Our dynamic studio space is located in Sydney, Australia, nestled in between the hub of Newtown and Sydney University. We are a full-service animation space, equipped to produce various forms of animation. Our studio houses stereoscopic facilities, editing suites, art and design, story, animation, look development and experienced production departments. Flying Bark also has in-house marketing, licensing and merchandise business and is now working on service projects for international companies.     

But what really floats our boat? Turning ideas into stories is what we love and bringing those stories to life is our daily dose of magic. We believe that animation has a unique ability to free a child’s imagination and create magical moments, those moments become memories and those memories last a life time. We are in the business of creating those memories.


The 'Barkers. at work and play

- It's the Flying Bark Way