Our Story
Flying Bark Productions is a prolific independent producer of international family-focused animation entertainment for over 50 years.

With studio locations in Sydney and LA, and partner studios all around the world, Flying Bark operates as a full-service production facility with award-winning original independent feature films and series as well as providing world-class animation services for global clients. Exceeding 350 artists across its Sydney and Los Angeles studios, Flying Bark Productions is one of the largest studios in Australia with plans for further expansion across both locations.

The company has invested significantly in the development of its award winning original slate with creators from across the globe, and has adopted a no-borders approach to its business. Our Creative Directors in the United States and Australia continue to search for talented storytellers with diverse voices to further develop the creator-driven ethos of the studio, and the company has built a robust permanent senior staff for both 2D and CGI animation services.

Our Services
Australia has a robust production industry & our local government subsidies and attraction schemes create a vibrant and affordable place to do business.

Flying Bark is well versed in producing official co-productions, service work, and independent productions which draw on these incentives. Flying Bark has extensive experience working in international partnerships including multi-studio productions. Whether we are leading the production or supporting it, we have developed creative and technical pipelines that accommodate these specific requirements. We cater to all budgets and will take your idea from concept right through to delivery. 

These partnerships can take the form of:
Official or unofficial co-productions for IP
Design, story and branded content services
Animation & Production Services; 2D, CGI character animation, motion graphics, apps.
Licensing and brand initiatives (brand guidelines, product & promotion)

Our Studio
Flying Bark Productions is a prolific independent producer on the international stage with a successful legacy of creating iconic animated children’s entertainment since 1968.

Our dynamic studio space is located in Sydney, Australia, with our brand new premises nestled between cozy coffee shops and lively outdoor pubs in the heart of Alexandria, all of which are frequented by our Barkers!
We are a full-service space, equipped to produce both 2D and 3D animation as well as live action shoots.

Our studio houses stereoscopic facilities including a state of the art theatre, editing suites, art and design, story, animation, look development and experienced production departments – but most importantly, you won’t go more than 5 minutes in our studio without being greeted by one of our resident office dogs. We are also in the final stages of opening our first international office in the city of angels, Los Angeles. 

Flying Bark Los Angeles
Flying Bark Productions is expanding its Sydney operations to 400 crew capacity and opening a studio in Los Angeles early next year.

The expansion was flagged by Flying Bark Productions MD Barbara Stephen when she was promoted to CEO of content, Studio 100 International, overseeing the creative businesses Studio 100 Animation (Paris), Studio Isar Animation (Munich), Little Airplane Productions (New York) and Flying Bark Productions.

“Flying Bark continues to grow with full-service teams specialising in hand-drawn, traditional 2D animation and CGI production in Sydney and the new LA studio will help cater to an increased demand for high-end animation services” said Barbara Stephen.