How to collaborate with us:

Australia has a robust production industry and our local government subsidies and attraction schemes create a vibrant and affordable place to do business. Flying Bark is well versed in producing official co-productions, service work and independent productions which draw on these incentives. 

Flying Bark has extensive experience working in international partnerships including multi-studio productions. Whether we are leading the production or supporting it, we have developed creative and technical pipelines that accommodate these specific requirements. These partnerships can take the form of:

  • Official or Unofficial Co-productions for IP
  • Design, Story, Branded Content services
  • Animation & Production Services; 2D, CGI character animation, motion graphics, apps.
  • Licensing and brand initiatives (brand guidelines, product and promotion)


Some of our collaborators include:


Flying Bark's creates fun, innovative and beautiful short-form animated video content for TV and online. With a passion for character development and storytelling, we will work with you to bring your brand or message to life. Working across motion graphics and animation, we cater for all budgets and will take your idea from concept right through to delivery.