The Woodlies

26 x 24 minute 2D / 3D hybrid animation

Funny, fast and furry – the WOODLIES are kobolds (small troll-like creatures) that are nuttier than a squirrel’s lunch, on a mission to protect their forest from Uglies (the Woodlies call all humans Uglies) and get their paws on the greatest stash of food they can find!

Big job when you’re not much bigger than a squirrel…

Fearless FIREHEAD, gentle SEVENPOINTS and Curious NINEEYES are a mischievous crew with two rules. Rule number one? Never be seen by Uglies. Rule number 2? Never be seen by Uglies while stealing their food or sabotaging their weird Ugly plans.

But when streetwise MIA and her nature-loving dad WELLIE take over a run-down campsite nearby, they bring with them disasters in the form of clumsy campers, greedy developers and a mean cat with a real taste for Woodlies!


Think that’s bad? A gang of renegade Woodlies known as the SWAMP RATS, led by WHITETAIL and his obnoxious cronies – FOULTOE and GNARLYBUTT, are determined to take over the forest and all the food in it. And they’re not about to let a bunch of do-gooder Tree Saps get in their way…

As if that’s not enough, nature itself serves up a menu of freezing blizzards, searing droughts and loads of creatures ready to make the Woodlies their next main course!

So when NineEyes breaks the number one rule and becomes friends with Mia, it seems like things couldn’t get any worse. Is this the end for the Woodlies?

One thing’s for sure… life’s about to get a whole lot more interesting!

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